All Natural Homemade DIY Bleach Alternative

All Natural Homemade DIY Bleach Alternative

With the rising cost of home commodities now, there is no excuse for not making them yourself. DIY commodities are much cheaper — and also, I can be assured of their quality as the profit-oriented attitude is not there. And because I have options of using kid-friendly stuff to produce my DIY supplies, I feel more comfortable with it as it will not harm the kids, my hands, and the environment. And I guess the materials for this Homemade DIY Bleach Alternative are already in your home except for hydrogen peroxide. Here’s how!

You will need the following:

1.¾ cup 3% hydrogen peroxide (you have to buy this in a chemical store)

2.¼ cup lemon juice

3.¾ cup baking soda

4.10-12 drops of lemon essential oil

5.7 cups of distilled water


1.Put all the materials together in a big container (select one that can hold at least a half gallon).

2.Shake them well.

3.Use 1 cup of this DIY bleach per laundry load.

With this great combination you will have brighter, good smelling clothes plus it’s does not irritate your nose and skin while using it.

Just pay attention to keep the hydrogen peroxide in a cool, dark place and if possible in an amber bottle to retain its potency. Your lemon essential oil must also be kept in a cool and dark area. Remember that when sunlight hits it, the potency will gradually decrease.

Effective Washing Tips:

Use this effective washing tip for brighter and cleaner clothes.

– It is a must to soak extra dirty clothes overnight. Put a half to one cup of this homemade DIY bleach alternative. Add laundry powder.

-Wash extra dirty clothes twice to completely get rid of hidden grime at every corner of your cloth.

-Use warm water in washing.

Enjoy making this exciting project of natural DIY homemade bleach! Share your experiences to your friends and be proud of being a junior home-chemist! Nothing beats the joy of being able to make it your own!