Get Rid of Mold by Growing These Common Household Plants


When I moved into my college dorm room, I was told that they were working on eradicating the black mold that stuck around due to water issues. They never really got rid of it, and eventually I moved dorms. I wish, however, that I had known about these plants that can help control or erase mold.

Of course, each of these plants will need to be cared for differently, so keep that in mind. You probably want to start with one or two plants and go from there, instead of buying a dozen and then trying to remember what each of them needs.

English Ivy is one of the most helpful plants when it comes to keeping air clean and reducing the amount of mold and bacteria in the air. Some say that after English Ivy has made itself at home, it can reduce mold spore concentration by up to 60%.

Snake plants (which I’ve also heard called “Mother-in-Law Tongue”) actually thrive in bathrooms (as well as other areas where there may be a high concentration of mold), where they help remove mold spores and other dangerous things from the air, such as formaldehyde and nitrogen oxide.

Other plants you  may want to consider adding to your mold fighting crew are the Boston Fern, Palm, and Dracaena. Remember to research these plants beforehand (especially if you have small children or pets), and enjoy the cleaner air.