Healthy High Fat Foods You Should Be Eating

High Fat Food

Healthy fats help protect the heart and help the body absorb vitamins. Over the decades we have been told to stay away from fats altogether. Many people who attempted the no-fat diets found that their health was failing anyway, or they saw no change at in heath or body weight. A balanced diet is the most important thing we can do for our health. Moderation, and not deprivation, is the key.

There are healthy fats that should be on your shopping list and on your dinner plate, but we are not talking about candy bars or a homemade apple pie, some sugary fats can be okay with some recipe alterations, but these high-fat foots don’t need altering. They are delicious and healthy just as they are.


Avocados, are they a fruit or a vegetable? The answer is fruit but this deliciously creamy fruit is used in a multitude of savory dishes. The avocado has become extremely popular all over the western world and it’s great to know that is a superfood and one of the many healthy fats that should be on your next shopping list. The main fat in an avocado is called oleic acid, which play a great part in lowering high cholesterol and raising good cholesterol.

Dark Chocolate

A small bit of dark chocolate a day is really good and safe to add to your eating plan. Most drugstore candy bars don’t qualify as chocolate because they are mostly filled with sugar and low grade oils and fats. Dark chocolate is real chocolate, now sold in most finer grocery stores. It is full of antioxidants needed for a health diet. Dark chocolate even beet out blueberries when it comes to antioxidant count.


Nuts are a great addition to your eating plan and what they offer us health-wise far outweighs their high fat content. Nuts are high in power.