Mom’s natural anti-tick spray to help kids from getting Lyme disease shows promise in early testing


Instead of using chemicals, the tick repellent is made from  water, witch hazel, jojoba oil and other essential oils. Lemongrass being one of these essential oils which has been long know to repel ticks, mosquitos.  And, as an added bonus, is also a great flea repellent if you happen to be a dog owner!

In independent lab testing, this Novia Scotian mom found that this formula successfully repelled between 75 to 80 percent of ticks.  These results were in comparison to that of DEET, which had a 100 percent repellent rate.  Very encouraging statistics for those seeking a safe, effective solution in helping to manage the threat of tick borne illnesses.

To insure efficacy against black-legged ticks, the mom had her repellent Atlantick lab tested at Acadia University .  And although research is still in the beginning stages it does appear that this product is proving to be a safe alternative in the prevention of tick borne illnesses.