Natural Remedies for Anxiety

Natural Remedies for Anxiety

We live in a society where you have your pick of things to worry about. Besides bills, there are kids and their safety, the traffic jam each morning on the way to work, and the age-old question, will we ever have enough money. Some people are wired or have learned how to take it all in stride, while others simply lose their decorum. It would be okay if you were the “freak out” type, except for the fact that anxiety is a higher level of stress, and is able to harm your overall mental and physical health.

There are also various levels of anxiety. For some sufferers, the occasional period of deep stress may come along a couple times a year while others are debilitated by their constant anxiety. If you are always in a constant state of anxiety, check with your doctor because he or she may be able to advise you, or recommend a therapist and/or psychiatrist. However, there are some natural remedies you can try for the occasional bouts of anxiety.

Herbal Teas

Herbal teas, such as the very popular chamomile, is a delicious way to calm down. Chamomile is not so strong that you will feel as if you’ve had a sedative, but it is known for its highly relaxing effects. Try it about an hour before bedtime and make sure that your daily concerns are put away for another time.


Lavender can be found in many forms; some are fortunate enough to be near a field, but there are a multitude of ways to benefit from the calming effects of lavender. Lavender can be ordered dried from herbal stores, it is also an ingredient in many nighttime teas. Lavender can be diffused in the form of essential oils or a drop on the bottoms of your feet, will also tackle mild anxiety.


Taking the time to sit quietly in a solitary space for 5 or 10 minutes on a daily basis is very helpful in bringing you into the present moment instead of leaving your mind back at the job. Meditation can be done your way; with music, in pure silence, or by chanting a phrase or affirmation. Giving this time to yourself daily, eventually takes your mind off of your impending or even imaginary problems, and make space for solutions instead.


We know for some, exercise is an ugly word. It can make you think of spinning classes, dancing high-speed to 90’s music, or jogging for 10 miles when you would rather be in front of the television. However, there are many ways to exercise the body and wash away anxiety. Swimming is a great way to ease anxiety. There are parts of the world where the climate is mild all throughout the year or you can visit your local sporting club. If you’re not in one of those climates and don’t care for sporting clubs or gyms, try turning on your favorite band and dancing for 30 minutes each day or anytime you’re feeling too wired about life. Invite some friends over and have a yoga party. You can even add some meditation time into the event. As long as you get the body moving, you will see results in your mood and ability to handle the world.


The bitter taste in a great pale ale is called hops, but hops is in every beer in different amounts. A good brew may chill you out, but the higher the dosage of hops you take in, the more you will feel its relaxing effects. We don’t advocate drinking that much beer at once for anxiety, but hops can be purchased online or at your nearest herbal store. Hops can also be taken as a supplement or a couple of cups of hot tea before bed. You can find hops as liquid tinctures or in aromatherapy form as well. There are even pillows stuffed with hops you can lie on and release some of the day’s woes.

Valerian Root

Valerian is also an herb that is available in many forms and acts as a natural sedative. You can find Valerian root in powder form, tea, and supplements. Valerian has a very earthy, mushroom type flavor and scent, so if you don’t enjoy its taste and scent, supplements are probably best for you. Some people create teas with Valerian root, ¬†and then mix it with lavender and chamomile to camouflage the scent, but still enjoy the calming benefits.