This Woman Drank Honey and Lemon for a Year, Guess What Happened Next

Honey and Lemon

Though modern medicine has proven itself to be constantly and forever evolving, there will always be people who choose the natural way of healing their bodies. There is nothing that says that prescription medications cannot work hand in hand with natural remedies, but there is a dedication which many people have that keeps them true to Mother Earth. Shamans of every culture believe that nature has a remedy for every ailment. However, you do not have to fully believe that, to benefit from natural solutions.

Let’s talk about a natural health remedy that one woman used faithfully for over a year now; warm lemon water with honey.

It may sound like a simple tea, something our mothers would have given us when a cold was coming on. But according to Crystal Davis of  Australia, this simple concoction can remedy more than just the common cold.  Water, lemon, and honey have their own healthy attributes, but when you combine the three, there is something magical about what they can do for the body. Crystal Davis believes in this remedy, and here’s why:

Raw honey, in particular, has amazing antibacterial properties which naturally powers up the immune system and assists with a quicker recovery of various flu and cold related symptoms. Lemons are packed with vitamin C, and we all know how important water is to our entire body’s health system. Water to our bodies is like fuel to an engine, it keeps everything hydrated and assists in the proper functioning of all of our organs. So with three naturally potent ingredients, what does the combination do for the body that makes Crystal Davis’ story so intriguing?

After drinking a glass of warm water, lemon, and honey tea every day for a year before breakfast, Davis began seeing results she never imagined. Not only did she avoid colds and flues but whenever the symptoms would begin, she found that they would cease much more quickly than before. For Davis this proved the fact that honey in the recipe did work to speed up recovery and do away with symptoms. Davis outlines the other health benefits she received from this daily dietary practice and one major benefit was increased energy levels. She also gave up coffee during this particular health experiment and replaced coffee time with her lemon, water, and honey tea. Davis also experienced UTIs (uterinary tract infections) quite often in her life, but during this year she noticed that they had gone away and that she was not plagued with these infections as usual. The reason for this is that the combination of lemon, honey, and water is a powerful enough natural diuretic that it cleanses toxins from the body.

Davis also experienced healthier skin that she accredits to this same mixture of water, lemon, and honey. She noticed clearer and tighter skin on her face. There is also science behind these findings that explain why. Honey helps to stimulate collagen which causes a natural smoothing and filling out, of the skin. Lemon juice cleanses the blood which is great for overall body health and not just the skin alone. However when toxins are removed from the body and the blood is being cleansed daily, it is no surprise to scientists that one would begin to look younger. A healthier diet that includes more fruit and vegetables than animal protein, will usually make you look younger; the water, lemon, and honey tea was simply the route that Crystal Davis chose. You would need to try it for yourself.

The recipe is simple:

  1. You can make this healthy combo very simply by boiling water as you would for hot tea, then adding one to four squeezes of fresh lemon juice. Pour in honey to your taste, but one to two teaspoons should do the trick. If you find this version too bland for you, pure unsweetened cranberry juice into the mix, which is also great for UTIs and should give the tea a more refreshing taste.
  2. Drink your lemon and honey water at room temperature or with a little chill if that suits your taste buds better.
  3.  Add in other healthy fruits, like a slice of orange, frozen or fresh blueberries, or strawberries, chopped up.

The main objective is to keep the drink healthy. Don’t add ingredients that will cancel out its health benefits. Keep the recipe simple; hot, warmed, or chilled. Combining this combo with other healthy lifestyle habits is a strong suggestion. There is no evidence of what Crystal Davis ate or drank besides the water with lemon and honey, but precedence would tell us that she probably changed many of her eating and lifestyle habits as well.

Source: This Woman drank honey and lemon for a year