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2017 Holiday Beauty Tips

Body and Beauty November 21, 2017

The holidays are here. And there is no time like the present when everyone desires to look and feel their best. Beauty companies come out with beauty palettes just for the holiday season; from lips to eye make-up, it’s all there for the choosing. Of course reds and greens, even in lip colors, are all the rage but there are a lot of pinks and purples as well as navy blue, being the color of the year among the millenial generation.

Here are a few holiday beauty tips to get you through this festive and colorful season.


Sparkles are everywhere, even on the lips. Enjoy the new lip color toppers that add a bit of pizzazz to your basic lip color. Not only do these lip toppers add shine and glitter but they help your lip color to stay in place longer.

Relaxed Hair

The fashionistas are going for loose hairstyles this year. Uneven Bobs are popular and the loose and relaxed bun are all relaxed hairstyles for the millenials this year. No tight buns or hair that doesn’t move. Everyone is going for that disheveled look on purpose for the holiday party.

Nails are Everything

Yes, nail color and holiday designs are everything this year. From peppermint covered cartoon nails to classy red and gold glitter. Everyone is playing the nail game this season with holiday decals and brilliant hues, nails are the talk of the town this holiday season.

Metallic Dresses

Instead of the traditional reds and greens, dresses have gone metallic into gold, silver, copper, and bronze. The futuristic look is in for party-goers who want to catch the attention of everyone. The shine is everything these days, so put on your sling back heels and shimmery copper dress to be in style in 2017.

Bare Legs

Ladies make sure you are shaven and shining this 2017-2018 holiday season. Bare legs are in even in the coldest of weather. All you need to do is make it to the car, then into the party venue, so don’t worry about being too cold. Good skin is in and we advise you to get a good exfoliator and make those legs look brilliant for the office party.

The Top Hat

Singer/Writer Erykah Badu has brought back the top hat and ladies everywhere are attempting to rock the classic black top hat with stylish pantsuits. This gives women the opportunity to skip the little shiny dress this season and jump into the tailored look of a Donna Karan classic pantsuit. At least those bare legs will be kept warm throughout the night.

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Consciousness on the Runway

Body and Beauty September 14, 2017

The Paris and NYC runways are not known for spiritual messages or messages for the soul, however, this year’s runways sent a powerful message from designers and creators alike that was meant to help change the hearts and minds of the participants and the viewers. The main message that came through was feminism and inclusivity, and certainly the runways are not known for that, previously, but times are changing and all different types of models are becoming a part of this industry and as well the varying types of people choosing to be designers. Designers now want to express how they feel about the world and particularly, this world of fashion and glamour.

If you’ve never heard the new hip phrase, “get woke” or “stay woke”, it won’t stand up in any proper English class but both terms are filled with meaning. They both are encouraging consciousness and acceptance. And acceptance is a bit deeper than tolerance. Tolerance means, “hey you’re here, I have to deal with you cordially”, while acceptance means “I’m glad that you are here and I can learn from our differences”. And on the fashion runways, it also means, I think you’re beautiful even though you don’t look like me.

Women of all ages and sizes and cultures are covering the runways this year and there is even Simone Rocha, who has been casting models who are in their 70’s. Micheal Kors, designer extraordinaire, cast plus-sized model, Ashley Graham to walk in one of his shows. Kors and Graham made history because she was the first plus-sized model in a high-fashion Kors show. Normally, plus-sized models have to “stay in their lane” and work the smaller shows, showcasing only plus-sized clothing.

Halima Aden, a muslim model, walked the runways this year wearing a traditional hajib. Aden walked the runways in New York and Milan, two of the biggest and most watched runways of any season. The world was watching, as “the world” was much more accurately and beautifully displayed on the runways in 2017. Transgender women are also being encouraged to hit the fashion scene and are able to fully be themselves and that is what the saying, “get woke, stay woke” really embodies. Makeup artist for Prada, Pat McGrath made a bold statement by saying that even the way she uses makeup is now different. It is not being used to please anyone but used instead to make a statement, and as a form of self-expression.

Source: Woke AF Allure Magazine

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7 Ways to Work Out Longer and Stronger

Body and Beauty August 30, 2017

Do you want a new healthy and strong body going into 2018? There are ways to work out that are secrets only the best trainers know. Certainly, you can start slow and build up to what you want to do, as most people do. These tips and tricks are not meant to rush your growth, because you don’t want to injure yourself. But if you’ve been working out for  a while you may be ready to kick it up a few notches, and here’s how:

1. Set a Goal

When you set a goal for yourself you are much more inclined to go for it than if you are just winging it to see how many crunches you can do. A goal would be, ” how many crunches can I do in 5 minutes?” This is the type of goal that motivates you to stretch yourself a bit more each week.

2. Create a Plan

Using some sort of planner to schedule your goals and workout times is a great way to keep yourself motivated. Without a schedule, it’s easier to brush off your workout until another time or another day, then you find yourself skipping days, simply from forgetfulness or lack of interest. So always create a schedule by using a planner.

3. Change Up Your Routine

Doing the same set of workout exercises can get redundant and boring. This is why it is great to change things up a bit and keep your workout routine interesting. You can do this by changing the number of sets or the order of your routine. Every once in a while add a new exercise into your routine to challenge you even further.

4. Focus on Every Body Part

Some people like to spot train and that is fine, as spot training focuses your routine on a certain area of your body, but your workout must include every area of the body to be a successful workout each time.

5. Eat Right and Take Supplements as Needed

Remember that when working out your body must be in the best condition possible. Therefore it is vital that you eat the right foods and take supplements as you need them. Do your research because there are a lot of things out there on the market and you want to to take the ones that are going to serve your body the best.

6. Motivate Yourself

Stay motivated by encouraging yourself through affirmations and reading books that keep you encouraged. Books by other trainers and trainees are great to have around the house for when you begin to feel a bit tired or bored from your workout. Also, working out with friends can be a perfect way to stay motivated and have a little healthy competition.

7. Be Safe

One of the most important things you can do for yourself is to be safe and do your exercises correctly with proper form so that don’t have to deal with injury. Don’t push yourself to the point of pain each time you exercise. Yes, if you are stretching yourself to do more and challenging yourself, you will feel sore at times, but pain is unnecessary. Take good care of your muscles and joints and don’t forget to stretch before and after your workout.

Source:Beach Body on Demand

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Beauty Trends to Try This Year

Body and Beauty August 10, 2017

So many people were quick to say good-bye to 2016. Let’s face it, it was a really tough year. But now we are half-way through 2017 already and make-up companies have stepped up their game, providing us with all sorts of themes, from mermaids to unicorns, to all natural green products. Many are not so sure that the mermaid look or the unicorn inspiration is for them, however, they are choices, among an array of choices, offered to the consumer today. If you’re not a mermaid or unicorn person, there are still many trends this year that are must-trys. Here are just a few.

The thing about crazy trends like the mermaid and the unicorn, is that you can tone it all down and simplify the look, using the best parts of a look that compliments your own beauty. Maybe we can just do lips, eyes, some glow on the cheeks, but not go overboard by doing the entire look. Here are some examples

Mermaid Eyes

How about just playing around with your eye makeup look for that fresh, right out the ocean, mermaid eye look? The designers like Marc Jacobs call it the “dreamier take on the dark smoky eye look”.

The Belted Ponytail

Is there a belt that you own that just isn’t you anymore, or dare we say, maybe it doesn’t fit anymore? Use it to tie up your ponytail. Yes, this is the latest trend, jacket belts, leather belts, used as ponytail holders. Strange maybe, but it’s the new popular trend, so you have to try it at least once this year.

Hair and More Hair

It is not just models anymore who wear hair pieces. The average woman is now getting into the act big time. As we hearken back to the long hippy style hair of legend Joni Mitchell, we are beginning to see women walking the streets of NYC with long attachments added to their hair. It’a a great reminder of the 60’s, minus the turmoil.

Arts and Crafts Nails

Nails are fun to play with and now more than ever, women are using their nails as a canvas for their artistic ideas. From 3D rhinestones to replicas of shoes, cocktails, and diamonds, nails are the star of the beauty show this year. And let’s not forget about the still popular stiletto nail, it’s either one of the most popular beauty trends of the last couple of years or a weapon. The jury is still out on that one.





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Natural Beauty Trends in 2017

Body and Beauty August 10, 2017

As many people begin to want to live a more green life, that not only includes food and health but also beauty. Simply because you care about your health and the health of the environment doesn’t mean that you don’t care about looking good on the outside. Natural beauty trends are becoming more popular among those who don’t even consider themselves naturalists. Many people just don’t want to deal with all of the chemicals that often come with buying beauty products, and all the chemicals that we previously put on our skin, without thinking about it. In 2017, the trends that are coming forth, that will surely be going strong in 2018, are diverse and interesting.

Let us take a look at some of those trends and maybe there will be some you will choose to adopt into your daily life.


The craft beer industry surprisingly, has inspired the trend of product-to-customer authenticity, meaning that craft beer customers are told about every ingredient of the beer they consume, if they want to know. All of the ingredients will be listed on the bottle or on the website or both, so customers know what they’re drinking. Beauty customers are picking up on this trend and also want to be given that same opportunity and authenticity, so that they can know what ingredients are in the products they purchase. Consumers want transparency and many companies are giving them just that.

Gut and Skin Health Intertwine

Gut health has become a popular health subject. The quality of the health of our guts often determine our overall health. Researchers are now finding that your gut health,often enhanced by probiotics, also affect your skin health. The healthier your gut, the healthier your skin appears to be. So many beauty gurus are focusing on overall body and gut health and balance, to ensure that they will develop beautiful skin. Customers are seeking beauty products that enhance their skin in a more natural way, from the inside out. Beauty companies are responding positively to these requests from customers and providing them with simpler products that don’t destroy the natural oils in the skin and offer vitamins and minerals for the skin, as well as the quality of beauty products people are looking for.

Many beauty product buyers are working from the inside out when it comes to their skin health. They are truly searching for that natural glow that comes with having good health. Customers are reading ingredients and questioning the ingredients they don’t understand. Most companies are responding and also changing their product recipes to ensure that customers are getting the natural products they crave. So beauty trends are blending with health trends and those who live a green life can adorn themselves with beauty products that they know well and have chosen, because they will not harm their skin or their health. These are great trends coming up this year and we predict that this trend of authenticity, when it comes to ingredients, will only get more popular in 2018.


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Drink this DIY Collagen Elixir for Fewer Wrinkles

Body and Beauty April 13, 2017

Whenever we hear the word elixir it makes us think of some sort of magical potion, and when we hear the term “DIY”, we know that it will most likely be economical. Here we have both in this DIY collagen elixir, to help firm the skin and lessen wrinkles.  It is certainly not that there are not enough products on the market that make this claim, however, they are all pretty pricey and difficult for the average person to get their hands on. But this elixir is one you can make for yourself at home. Does it really work? Well, like the others, it’s not a miracle product. You must eat well and take good care of your body as well, in order to lessen wrinkles in your later years; but since it’s a DIY project, it is worth a try.

So, what is collagen and how does it help our skin?

Collagen is a protein found in just about every part of our bodies; it is our most abundant protein. Collagen exists in our muscles, bones, skin, and even our blood vessels. When it comes to our skin, collagen is vital to the strength, elasticity, and the renewing of our skin cells. With age, the collagen’s process of firming and replacing dead skin cells, even the collagen within our joints, slows down, which explains a lot of joint pain as we get older, and of course, explains the sagging and wrinkling of the skin.

Some years ago, researchers and physicians didn’t think that drinking any form of collagen would work to reduce wrinkles. They reported that the body would too quickly use the collagen drink as energy and therefore the skin would never receive the benefits. However, these ideas have recently changed.  A study reported in the Journal of Cosmetic Dermatology in 2015, showed that drinking collagen does firm the skin and lessen wrinkles and that the results lasted approximately 12 weeks.

Here is a simple home recipe that claims to do the same as the collagen elixir did for the study participants:

Blueberry, Pineapple, and Collagen Peptide Elixir

You can drink this elixir for breakfast or after your exercise workouts.


2 cups of coconut water

1/4 cup of diced pineapple, preferably organic, fresh or frozen

1/4 cup of organic blueberries, fresh or frozen

2 scoops of a collagen peptide, for example, the Vital Proteins brand of grass fed pasture raised peptides


Blend fruit and coconut water until smooth

Then add the 2 scoops of collagen peptide and pulse into it is fully incorporated into the mixture

Coconut water will add ultimate hydration. The pineapple give a great boost of vitamin C and the blueberries are a great source of antioxidants that help to fight off the signs of aging.

photo credit: Natural Living Ideas

Source: Homemade Collagen Boosting Elixir

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7 Natural and Organic Makeup Brands Your Face Will Love

Body and Beauty April 5, 2017

There are more makeup brands now than ever. From high-end brands to your drugstore brands, that have gotten a whole lot better and much safer. So for a makeup lover, it can be difficult to choose which foundation or lipstick brand to purchase on a regular basis, and particularly, for someone who cares about the environment and the health of their skin.

We have created a list of 7 makeup brands that are both natural and organic from which a discriminating makeup lover can choose.

1. Herbivore Botanicals

This company is natural and organic and creates products for the entire face. They are also ec0-friendly and cruelty-free. Prices range from $12 – $145 dollars for the deluxe skincare set.

2. Ilia Beauty

Ilia Beauty is natural and organic, as well as eco-friendly and cruelty-free. They are best for purchasing lip products like lip conditioners and lipsticks. Their price range is from $24 – $42 for foundation products. Ilia produces high-quality makeup by working with organic farmers all around the globe.

3. RMS Beauty

RMS Beauty is all natural and organic, along with also being cruelty-free and non-gmo. This company uses recycled glass to make their containers. They are best for foundations and concealers for light skin-tones. The products are made to focus on hydrating the skin for a younger, more illuminating look. Prices range from $15 for lip color to $36.oo for foundations and concealers.

4. Elate Cosmetics

Besides having a great name, Elate Cosmetics is natural and organic, eco-friendly and cruelty free. The company is best known for highly pigmented eye shadows. If you have any allergies, you will be glad to know that Elate is gluten-free and vegan. With a focus on sustainable packaging and highest quality ingredients, Elate’s prices range from $16 – $20, from eye shadows to bronzers.

5. Au Naturale

The name says everything. Au Naturale is organic and all natural, vegan, cruelty-free, and gluten-free. Despite its French sounding name, Au Naturale is made in the U.S. in Green Bay, Wisconsin, and all ingredients are ethically sourced. Their prices range from $15-$38 for foundations.

6. Tata Harper

Tata Harper is both natural and organic, eco-friendly, and certified vegetarian. Their focus in on using recycled products to make their packaging and containers. So there is no waste at Tata Harper. Though this brand is one of our priciest on the list, you are being served some of the most high quality ingredients while still helping the planet. Tata Harper’s prices range from $36 for lip colors – $390 for skincare.

7. Beauty by Earth

Beauty by Earth is natural and organic, eco-friendly by using recycled materials, U.S. made. They are also vegan and gluten-free for those with allergies or sensitivities. They specialize in bath products and tanning oils. Beauty by Earth’s prices range from $6 – $24, the most economical and popular items are their bath bombs.

Photo courtesy of The Good Trade

Source: The Good Trade 18 Natural and Organic Makeup Companies

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Healthy Beauty: What Products to Avoid

Body and Beauty February 15, 2017

Beauty and cosmetics lovers are also going green, desiring products that are not tested on animals and also chemical-free. In these modern times, the task of finding healthy makeup and cleanser products is not that difficult. The beauty divas of today have it a lot easier than the women and men decades ago. Basically, we went to the nearest counter, spent a lot of money, and took what they gave us, which wasn’t always the healthiest product. It was also very common that beauty products were tested on animals, now even that has changed for large and smaller boutique companies.

There are, of course, still cosmetic products that are created the old school way. Often these chemicals make the formula work better. For example, it may take a certain chemical to make a matte lipstick stay on all day. Beauty lovers want the benefits of the formula, but not the chemicals. Sometimes that is possible, other times, it is not.

Here is a list for beauty lovers and cosmetic consumers, of products to avoid, if you want to experience “green” beauty:


Phtalatate is a plastic that comes in many forms that is used in cosmetic products to make them more flexible, for instance, phthalate is often used in nail polish to avoid cracking and hair sprays to avoid premature falling of the hairstyle. Phthalate holds the hair in place without making it brittle. The problem is, you are breathing in this plastic chemical each time you use either product, which with hairspray, may be a couple times a day. Read the label and do your best to avoid this chemical.


Parabens are preservatives. Their benefit is that they can stop bacterial growth in cosmetic products. However, there is a chance that they could be harmful. Studies report that certain parabens tend to mimic the hormone estrogen, which gets into the body’s cells and places too much estrogen in the body. Parabens have been known to be found in breast cancer tumors. There is not enough research to indicate that parabens may be the cause, but they are certainly present at the scene of the disease.


Butylated Hydroxyanisole and Butylated Hydroxytoluene are synthetic antioxidants that in most cosmetics are used as preservatives. These two chemicals are in everything from lipstick to foundations, and the fact that they are synthetic leads the industry to know little about what their disadvantages are. They are also approved to be used in our food. Make sure to read the labels on both your food and cosmetics before buying.


Most consumers have heard of silicones but what is their purpose in the world of cosmetics. Silicones have the ability to make the skin feel smoother and your hair silkier, which is why they are used in such products as cleansers and moisturizers, along with hair conditioners. The trouble with silicone is that it has a build-up affect, so you never really get it off of your skin and scalp. This build-up normally causes your hair and skin to need more washing, which starts a vicious cycle of even more silicone build-up.

The best way to go green when it comes to your beauty products is to read your labels and to know what you are seeking to avoid. If you see words that you are not familiar with, look them up and see what their advantages and disadvantages are before you make your purchase.




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How to Get Rid of Pimples Naturally

Body and Beauty January 20, 2017

Pimples are not just a teen-age problem. There are many adults that have issues with breakouts and pimples due to stress and the foods they eat. It is also a well-known issue for pregnant women who can have many breakouts due to hormonal changes, similar to teens. So what do we do when a pimple shows up on your date night or in the middle of your work day or a special event?

Unless you are dealing with severe acne problems for which you are already medicated, here are some natural ways to get rid of pimples quickly and painlessly.

Orange Peel

Oranges are a fruit that most people keep in their produce drawer and if you have problems with pimples you can simply place the skins in a plastic baggie until you need them. Just take a piece of orange peel and gently rub the outer side of the peel onto your pimple and squeeze a bit, so any remaining juice can come out. Leave the pimple alone overnight. Wash your face gently the next morning.


Citrus works well on pimples because of the natural acid content that is able to safely dry them out. Squeeze fresh lemon juice into a bowl and use cotton swabs to apply the juice to your pimples. Leave overnight and wash gently in the morning.


All beauty addicts should keep honey in their cabinets. Honey has proven itself to be one of the best acne remedies around. Use a cotton swab to dab into the honey and place the honey on your pimples. Leave the honey applied to your breakouts for at least thirty minutes, and then wash off with lukewarm water.

Egg Whites

Egg whites will naturally dry out pimples overnight. Simply grab an egg, separate the yolk from the white and place the white on your pimple or your entire face, like a facial mask. Leave the mask on overnight, and in the morning you will notice that your pimples have dried out. Wash your face gently and apply an oil-free moisturizer if it is needed.

Aloe Vera

Most people have heard of the aloe vera plant and its many uses. You can now purchase aloe vera in a jar or tube from a natural foods store or a well-stocked pharmacy. If you have a an aloe plant, just cut a piece off and squeeze the aloe out onto your pimples. Rub the aloe vera into your pimples and the skin around them, for just a few minutes. The aloe will  not only dry up the pimple, but aloe also helps with the swelling and redness that can come with breakouts.

A healthy skin regimen, daily, is one of the best ways to keep your skin pimple-free. If you find your breakouts becoming severe, it’s best to see a skin doctor and a physician, to see if any other health issue is affecting your skin. Sometimes if we change our diet and remove some of the stress from our lives, our skin will reap the benefits.

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4 Exercises For Sciatica Pain Relief

Body and Beauty October 25, 2016

Exercises For Sciatica Pain Relief

Sciatic nerve pain can stem from many different things. Often athletes and former athletes experience sciatica nerve pain in the back and neck areas, but this type of nerve pain can affect those who workout without doing proper stretching exercises or simply people who perform everyday activities beyond their body’s capacity. Aging and overuse of the body is also quite often the culprit. If you have ever experienced sciatica, you will know that it is one of the most painful things that can happen to the neck and back area, and all too often doctors can only offer you medicinal relief. There are specific exercises, however, that can bring some long-term relief for sufferers of this very common nerve pain.

Let’s explore 4 exercises that sufferers can do on a regular basis to ease the pain of sciatica:

1. The Lunge

Most runners are aware of the lunge. You begin the lunge with your right leg forward, so that your right knee is actually positioned slightly over the ankle. Your left leg should be nearly flat on your exercise mat with the top of your left foot almost flat to the floor. Your beginning position should look like the photo below.


The second lunge motion is to slowly raise your torso with a good stretch and then lower your arms until they are resting on your right knee. That is what you call a complete lunge move. Now it is time to switch sides by relaxing your right leg back onto the mat with the top of your right foot resting flat onto the floor, and the left knee bent leaning slightly over the left ankle. Repeat the same motion by gently raising your torso with arms stretched upwards towards the ceiling and then lower your arms until they are resting on the left knee. Attempt to hold each pose for approximately 30 seconds if you can. When you first begin these exercises, hold each pose just as long as it is comfortable for you. The objective is to stretch the body and not hurt yourself.

2. The Frog Pose 

The Frog Pose is a simple stretching exercise for lower back sciatica pain, but always remember to do these exercises to the best of your ability. You are not competing, your aim is to give the body good healthy stretches which is something most of us neglect to do. If you ever notice animals, they stretch a multitude of times daily. Stretching is a natural part of taking care of the body that most of us underestimate. If your knees and ankles are in good health and pain-free, the frog pose should be simple for most sciatica sufferers. Lay down facing the floor with your mat lying horizontally beneath you, protecting your knees and ankles from the floor. Your body should be positioned like the photo below.


Gently widen your knees but only to a comfortable position. When you feel a good stretch in the thigh area, stop and hold the pose for a few seconds. Make certain that the insides of your calves and feet are resting on the mat. Move from an all-fours position to slowly leaning your elbows and forearms to the floor.

3. The Seated Pigeon

It may be a funny name for a pain relief exercise but the consensus is that it does work to relieve the pain of sciatica. First be seated on an exercise mat with your knees bent and feet flat on the floor. Your arms should be stretched behind you, hands flat with palms facing the floor. Begin by placing your right ankle upon your left thigh. Make sure your back is straight and not curved. A straight back prevents further pain and damage.


Hold this pose for approximately 5 to 8 full breaths, meaning inhale hold a second, exhale. Then switch legs and position yourself the same as you did with the opposite leg, hold again for 5 to 8 full breaths and release. The seated pigeon is simple enough to be done once a day or at least three times a week. If you are in the midst of experiencing unusually bad sciatica pain, you should see your physician and make sure that  nothing else is wrong.

4. Child’s Pose

By far one of the easiest, yet effective, back exercises is what they call, The Child’s Pose in yoga. To begin Child’s Pose, get down on your mat on all fours. Bring your big toes together then sit back on your heels. Stretch forward until your arms are almost flat on the floor in front of you. Your back should be relaxed as you stretch forward and remain relaxed, but not sunken into the floor. Your posture should be straight.


Knees should be bent with big toes still touching. You will find the feeling of this pose to be very familiar to the body. This is why it is called Child’s Pose. Relax and remain in this position for a couple of minutes if you are able. If you are uncomfortable try remaining in child’s pose for at least 30 seconds, but know that if done correctly, it is perfectly safe for the back to stay in this position for up to 3 minutes. Most people find child’s pose relaxing and will even begin to fall asleep. Falling asleep in any position is not recommended because you lose consciousness of your pose and posture and that would only exacerbate your condition.

Sources: 5 Hip Stretches You NeedChild’s Pose: Step by Step Instruction

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