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The Health Benefits of the Pomegranate

Health News October 17, 2017

The pomegranate, is one of the most beautiful fruit around. It’s legend says that it may have been the “apple” talked about in the Garden of Eden. Of course, we’ll never know that for sure. But we do know that the pomegranate is great for your health, though a bit messy to eat, it is totally worth it.

The pomegranate has come into its own these last few years. In  many parts of the U.S., they are eaten and celebrated most around Halloween and Thanksgiving. Now, as long as pomegranates are in season, people are enjoying cracking it open and picking out those gorgeous deep red seeds that are packed with vitamins and goodness.

Much like the strawberry, pomegranates are rich in vitamin C, needed for the winter and antioxidants which are needed for an overall healthy lifestyle. The seeds of the pomegranate are packed with fiber and full of anti-inflammatory properties. This is highly important because most of our illnesses and health problems are now contributed to inflammation throughout the body.

After many studies, the pomegranate has been proven to protect us against various chronic diseases, like certain cancers and even Alzheimer’s disease. We know that both these diseases are devastating to the patient and the families, and that it is best to be proactive when it comes to one’s health. You can easily add pomegranate to your diet by putting the seeds on a salad, eating them as a snack instead of chips or candy bars, mixing them with your favorite trailmix or drinking the pomegranate juice.

Yes, this is not just a beautiful fruit, pomegranates have much to offer our bodies to help us become healthier individuals. And most importantly, it is best to add these little red seeds to your diet while your health is good because most healthy foods are most potent when they are in preventative mode.

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Scientists Reveal the Relationship Between Sugar and Cancer

Health News October 13, 2017

Many of us have heard so much about the reasons why we should cut sugar out of our diets altogether. According to many health experts, white sugar has no redeeming qualities and all it does is make you crave for more. However, now we find out something very serious from studies that have been done between sugar consumption and cancers.

This research has been published in the renowned journal Nature Communications, and was conducted by three organizations who partnered together to research the relation between sugars and cancer cells. The researchers, VIB, KU Leuven, and VUB, found that when cancer cells break down sugar, tumor growth is then stimulated. The study provides for the public, evidence of a direct relationship between cancer and sugar.

It appears that according to the research, sugar awakens cancer cells. Professor Johan Theivlein, of KU Leuven, states that hyperactive sugar consumption of cancerous cells turns into a vicious and dangerous cycle where cancer growth is being constantly stimulated and therefore, the tumors become even larger. This tumor agressiveness is called the Warburg effect. This research will help to lessen tumor growth in the near future, but for now it already helps to create specific diets for cancer patients, now that doctors know that there is evidence that sugar awakens cancer cells.

For cancer patients, with help and suggestions from a doctor, this may be a way that cancer growth can slow down and reduce its agressivness, by avoiding sugar in their daily diets. Of course this evidence does not replace all other cancer treatments that have been chosen for any particular patient, but it will add another healthy aspect to their diets and nutritional intake.

Otto Heinrich Warburg was responsible for finding what is now called the Warburg effect, which discovered cancer’s sweet tooth. His research, nor do the recent studies, call themselves a cancer cure by any means, cancer research is always ongoing because there are so many forms of cancer and many respond to diets differently. But both research studies do prove unequivocably that sugar is not good for cancer cells because it causes larger tumors and tumors that are formed more quickly.

Source: Science Daily

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Does Your Wrinkle Cream Really Work?

Health News October 12, 2017

The FDA says, no, that skin cream cannot repair DNA damage, reverse aging, or cure your rosacea. The FDA warns of many false claims when it comes to these de-aging products on the market today. They cost, mostly women, a lot of money and cannot deliver on their promises. The Food and Drug Administration has waged war on the beauty industry, researching and investigating one product at a time.

For those who are familiar with the anti-aging company Strivectin, sold only at high-end stores like Bloomingdale’s and Nordstrom’s, they were the most recent company to receive a warning letter from the FDA. There are a few claims that Strivectin makes on their products that the FDA demands be removed. One of those claims is that the skin cream will change the anatomy of a wrinkle. Customers may not even know what that language means but it sounds good enough for women to drop approximately one-hundred bucks on the product daily.

The FDA’s main objections surrounding Strivectin’s claims, were that the company kept promising in different phrases to change the structure of your anatomy, which no cream or any other product can do. Strivectin’s Advanced Tightening Neck Cream was also singled out for its marketing language which included the claims that it will “restore the elastin fiber architecture”, and “while improving resistance to gravity.”

Of course, it is not just Strivectin that is being investigated for its marketing language, many other anti-aging products are under the spotlight. The fact that the FDA is trying to get across to potential customers, is that there is no cream that can change the structure of your anatomy, which includes your skin. Only plastic surgery can produce some of the results many of these customers are seeking. From wrinkles to age spots, there is no mixture in a tube that can vanish these aging skin problems. For some women who have, and who have maintained healthy skin, a simple regular moisturizer can give them the glow and youthful skin they desire.

According to co-author of the Original Beauty Bible, Bryan Barron, the only thing anti-aging creams do is moisturize the skin. Therefore, the FDA is correct in saying that women may as well purchase a good moisturizer than spend their money on these anti-aging products marketing themselves with a lot of words that many customers don’t understand anyway.

Source: Does Your Wrinkle Cream Really Work? The FDA Warns About False Claims

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Blame the Neanderthal in You for Your Mood

Health News October 6, 2017

Most people have heard about our connection to our Neanderthal ancestors. Science has proven that indeed we have evolved from another race of humans quite different but yet in many ways, like us. Science says it all began with our interbreeding, that once humans, as we know us to be, and the Neanderthal race existed together, we breeded and began to share some traits we know today.

Research shows that our Neanderthal mixing of breeds, has contributed to some of our modern diseases and immunities today. Now research shows that we inherited many things from our ancient family, like color, features, sleep patterns, our moods, and our urge to smoke or to not smoke. We are more intertwined than even researchers thought and the new studies have given us another reason on which to blame some of our negative traits.

Janet Kelso and Max Planck, two researchers from the Institute of Evolutionary Anthropology in Germany, says that their research team was more interested in studying our connection to the Neanderthal race that was unrelated to diseases, instead they were looking to compare traits that appear to be ordinary, everyday behavior. Many studies before this one have discovered DNA traits between the two races to be similar but have not been sure of the “whys”. Now this study brings cross breeding into the picture, which means that we share much more with the Neanderthal race than was reported before.

Kelso says, we can now prove that hair color, skin tone, and even how quickly a person will tan, all comes from our mixing with this ancient race. Kelso and Planck’s team also discovered that there are certain Neanderthals that connect with lighter skinned people and others with darker skinned people of today. They found the same evidence for hair color, lighter shades and darker tones were all affected by our connection with the Neanderthal race.

Our moods, sleeping patterns, ability to deal with weather patterns, color, skin tone, and body clocks, are the cause of late arriving Africans to Eurasia. Other Neanderthals had been there for thousands of years and were adjusted to the area, while late comers from Africa had to adjust in many ways including, skin tone and moods, also their sleeping habits would need to change to survive. All of these traits, including our circadian rythms, are affected by sunlight exposure or the lack thereof, Kelso and Planck’s research indicates.

So when there is a so-called negative trait that people are talking about concerning your daily habits, just blame it on the Neanderthals, even though it is not only negative traits for which they are given credit.

Source: Science Daily


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6 Autumn Holiday Foods That are Actually Good for Your Health

Health News October 5, 2017

The holiday season is just around the corner and we all know that a huge part of the fun is eating all those delicious foods, from pumpkin to apple pie. Usually there is, what they call the “holiday 10”, the ten pounds we gain during this season between Halloween and New Year’s Eve. Many people have learned how to fight off the pounds and the cravings, many have not. Some just enjoy the eating and worry about it during the new year. But there are foods that are holiday regulars that have amazing health benefits if we eat them correctly and in the right amounts.

Here are 6 of those holiday dishes that can add some healthiness to your life, instead of empty calories:


Pumpkin is a regular around the holiday table but it’s usually inside of a delicious pie. You don’t need to give up the pie if you choose not to, but bake or roasted pumpkin is a great addition to anyone’s diet. It assists in lowering your blood pressure and therefore helps to promote a healthy heart.


Last, but certainly not least on the list is cinnamon, which  is used in dishes all Autumn and Winter. Cinnamon can lower blood sugar levels and help reduce the risk of heart disease, however, stick to small doses of cinnamon in whatever you eat because it is also a natural hallucinigen. Otherwise, it is packed with daily needed nutrients.

Sweet Potato

Sweet potatoes are eaten a lot in the South in America during the Thanksgiving and Christmas holidays. They are naturally sweet and when baked with olive oil can add a nice dose of beta carotenes and vitamin C to your diet which is greatly needed during the winter months to stave off the common cold. They are tasty, baked and eaten right out of the oven.

Green Beans

Green beans are normally eaten in a casserole that may be a bit fattening, but if you try steamed green beans with some garlic and olive oil instead, they will provide you with a healthy dose of fiber and vitamins such as A, C, K, and B6 for energy.

Whole Wheat Bread

Instead of the obvious dinner rolls, a slice of whole wheat bread on the side of your holiday plate provides you with all sorts of healthy goodness. Whole wheat bread is packed with fiber and nutrition. It also fills you up quicker than white dinner rolls, and so you are likely to eat less.


Cranberries often in sauce form, are wonderful boiled down into a natural sauce, with a touch of orange juice instead of sugar. Cranberries provide your body with antioxidants, acts as an antinflammatory, and has been proven to have anti-cancer benefits. They are also a great source of vitamins E and K.



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Eating More Fruits and Vegetables Will Boost Your Psychological Levels in Just Two Weeks

Health News October 3, 2017

Though most of us know just how healthy eating more fruit and vegetables are for the body, lesser known, is the research done this year that tells us that fruit and vegetables are also great and healthy for us psychologically. New research tells u that in just two weeks of increasing our intake of fruit and vegetables we could see a change in our psychological well-being.

This recent study was led by Dr. Tamlin Conner, from the Psychology department of the University of Otago in New Zealand. Young adults who participated in the study were given an increase of a wide variety of fruit and vegetables for 2 weeks and began to experience a noticeable change in their motivation levels. The research results were reported in the journal PLOS ONE. The United States Department of Agriculture suggests that for adults to experience this same noticeable change, they must consume at least two cups of fruit and two-three cups of vegetables daily.

A healthy consumption of the recommended dosage of fruit and vegetables is also known to lessen the risks of many diseases such as, type 2 diabetes, high blood pressure, obesity, strokes, and some forms of cancer. And it is simple to add these extra servings to your daily diet. Change your meal plans before you go shopping to include more fruit and vegetables than other food groups. Make these foods the center of your meal and place your protein around it as a side dish. After a couple weeks, which is all this research says is required, you will be used to eating the daily recommended amounts of these healthy foods.

In order for this research to be validated, the participants were separated into three groups for the two weeks. 171 students enrolled in the project. One-third of the group ate the way they always did, another group was given just two additional servings of fruit and vegetables, while the last group was given three additional servings and reminders sent via text to eat more. At the study’s beginning, the three groups were tested psychologically, for mood, vitality, and motivation. The third group who were encouraged to eat the most fruit and vegetables far outweighed the other two groups in their rise in vitality and motivation, and had a significant increase in their sense of well-being. This study proves that it isn’t just about eating fruit and vegetables, it does matter how much is included in your diet.

Source: Medical News Today 

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6 Ways to Meditate that Don’t Include Sitting Still

Lifestyle September 30, 2017

Since spiritual teachers like Deepak Chopra and Eckhart Tolle became famous among the masses. Everyone in a spiritual state of mind feels as though they should be meditating on a regular basis. Meditation has proven itself to be great for your mind, body, and spirit health, but not everyone has what it takes to sit still, often in silence. And many spiritual people begin to feel guilty because they get frustrated and stop trying. The mind’s constant chatter is just too much to handle.

But meditating can be done in many ways because all it really is, is a method to bring you into the present moment, instead of worrying about the past or anticipating the future. So for those of you who can’t seem to benefit from a silent sitting meditating, there are other ways to bring yourself into the present moment.

1. Music

Dancing to your favorite music for a specific period of time is a great way to remain in the present. If you want, you can use chanting spiritual music or simply music you enjoy that helps to calm you down.

2. Walking

Taking a walk is a another way to bring yourself into the present, or if you have something you need to work out in your head, a walk is a perfect way to do just that. You can walk in your neighborhood or if that’s not calming, find a quiet park area or by the water is a great place.

3. A Calming Bath

We have turned into a quick shower generation, when baths used to be the norm, and in many countries, they still are. Find a bath salt or bath gel you love, and take time to take a slow long bath. Bring a book with you if you really want something to immerse yourself in, and just relax.

4. Walking a Labyrinth

In many towns and cities, you can find a labyrinth, which is a walking path that will remind you of a maze. The purpose is that you bring yourself into the present moment by doing nothing but following the path. There are labyrinth’s at large church’s that allow people to use them freely. Seek out one in your area and see if this is a relaxing method of meditation for you.

5. Yoga

Yoga is the perfect form of active meditation. It doesn’t need to be a formal class. You can get on the internet and find a video for beginners, if that’s what you are. If you are not a beginner, there are various forms of yoga you may want to try to calm yourself and come into the present moment.

6. Scrying

Scrying may not be a familiar term to many people, but it’s a simple process. Many people stare into a black mirror and allow images to flow freely before their eyes. You can also try a regular mirror and just stare into it until you lose focus and become lost in the moment. You can use the sky for scrying as we did as children and saw all sorts of animals and stories in the clouds. Scrying is a great way to lose yourself into the present moment.

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Exposure to Ocean Colors Lessens Stress

Health News September 20, 2017

We have all had the dream of that glorious house on the beach or by a beautifully flowing river. There may be a reason that those who live far away from any source of natural flowing water, crave the feeling that walking by the ocean can bring. Researchers are looking for ways to improve the health of those who live in city and urban neighborhoods, as the stress level in these areas can be extremely high. They begin with what is called “green space” and “blue space”.

A study which used a cross-section of residents, and exposed them to more green space, such as grass and trees, and forests, also exposed the same people to what they are calling blue space, the rivers, oceans, streams of water, etc. Exposure to both green and blue space lowered the psychological stress of the participants, however, the blue space seemed to lower stress even further, than the green spaces.

Research shows that areas with more natural blue and green space, also tend to have a higher quality of neighborhood relations and less people in one neighborhood, which all adds to the lowering of psychological stress. There is less worry about crime and violence, as well, in these particular areas.

The studies were done in Wellington, New Zealand, however, the study will spread throughout other areas of the world to continue to prove the point that it appears that the physical and mental health of the areas’s participants enjoyed lower stress levels living in areas where nature thrives. Most importantly, it was the blue spaces that created the best results when it came to lowering high blood pressure and other physical diseases caused by stress. The study will continue on the effects of blue space but it has an overall opinion that those who live near nature benefit from that space in a healthy way, while those in the city and crowded areas lack the same amount of healthy peace.

Source: Science Direct


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5 Ways to Look Like a Morning Person When You’re Not

Lifestyle September 18, 2017

Science has proven that we all have a natural internal clock that makes some people morning people and others, night owls. But sometimes, there comes a time when night owls must become morning people for very important reasons, like school, work, appointments, and children, just to name a few. So how does a night owl transform him or herself into someone that looks like a morning person. Well, there are ways to fool those around you, even if you can’t fool yourself.

We bring you 5 ways to look like a morning person, even if you’re not:

1. Drink plenty of water

Staying hydrated is one of the most important ways to waking up with a smile on your face. Dehydration makes you look and feel sluggish so looking tired is inevitable. This isn’t something that you can do in a rush, but if you know that you just made a commitment to get up early, begin making water your best friend.

2. Choose your caffeinated beverage

Yes, coffee does actually work to awaken you and your brain according to various studies. If you’re not a coffee person, there are plenty of caffeinated teas that will also do the trick, such as Earl Grey or any form of black teas, have enough caffeine to make a difference in your morning. This is an easy trick that takes affect pretty quickly. If you have a surprise wake up call early in the AM, grab yourself a huge mug of coffee or black tea and be on your way.

3. Less makeup  is the key

It may seem as if putting on tons of makeup, will hide those party night eyes and lack luster skin, but it is really just the opposite, the less makeup, the better. Simply, a clean face, with a toner and a light effervescent foundation to give yourself a natural glow will help you look brighter and more alert. If you have time to build your process for brighter skin, eat plenty of fruits and vegetables and again, stay hydrated.

4. Eye Makeup

When the eyes look awake, you look awake. Stay clear, as we said above, of heavy foundations and pancake makeup, but focus on waking up the eyes with a good mascara and eye lash curler. If you own some fake lashes that aren’t for partying but perfect for daytime, pop them on and head out into the world. After all, they say the eyes are the window to the soul, well, here they are also the tell-tale sign that either you’ve been up all night, or had a great night’s sleep and ready for your day.

5. Stretching and Yoga

A good morning of yoga asanas will wake up your body and spirit. Yoga asanas are basic yoga stretches and postures to help you begin your day. If yoga is not your thing, a basic set of stretches will also wake you up. There are plenty of ideas for stretching on the internet and there are many books out there as well, Sometimes you can simply listen to your body and it will tell you whether to reach up or lie down and stretch your legs. Stretching is very natural. Animals do it all the time.

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Consciousness on the Runway

Body and Beauty September 14, 2017

The Paris and NYC runways are not known for spiritual messages or messages for the soul, however, this year’s runways sent a powerful message from designers and creators alike that was meant to help change the hearts and minds of the participants and the viewers. The main message that came through was feminism and inclusivity, and certainly the runways are not known for that, previously, but times are changing and all different types of models are becoming a part of this industry and as well the varying types of people choosing to be designers. Designers now want to express how they feel about the world and particularly, this world of fashion and glamour.

If you’ve never heard the new hip phrase, “get woke” or “stay woke”, it won’t stand up in any proper English class but both terms are filled with meaning. They both are encouraging consciousness and acceptance. And acceptance is a bit deeper than tolerance. Tolerance means, “hey you’re here, I have to deal with you cordially”, while acceptance means “I’m glad that you are here and I can learn from our differences”. And on the fashion runways, it also means, I think you’re beautiful even though you don’t look like me.

Women of all ages and sizes and cultures are covering the runways this year and there is even Simone Rocha, who has been casting models who are in their 70’s. Micheal Kors, designer extraordinaire, cast plus-sized model, Ashley Graham to walk in one of his shows. Kors and Graham made history because she was the first plus-sized model in a high-fashion Kors show. Normally, plus-sized models have to “stay in their lane” and work the smaller shows, showcasing only plus-sized clothing.

Halima Aden, a muslim model, walked the runways this year wearing a traditional hajib. Aden walked the runways in New York and Milan, two of the biggest and most watched runways of any season. The world was watching, as “the world” was much more accurately and beautifully displayed on the runways in 2017. Transgender women are also being encouraged to hit the fashion scene and are able to fully be themselves and that is what the saying, “get woke, stay woke” really embodies. Makeup artist for Prada, Pat McGrath made a bold statement by saying that even the way she uses makeup is now different. It is not being used to please anyone but used instead to make a statement, and as a form of self-expression.

Source: Woke AF Allure Magazine

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